ALEXANDER WEISE(German)means——The wisdom of Alexander Alexander the Great, apprenticed with Aristoteles, a philosophy wise in ancient Greek, went out to battle with his father at the age of 18 and inherited the Throne at 20. With great wisdom and courageous, he led his troops crossed over the mainland of Europe, Asia and Africa, made him to be the greatest military genius and most famous conqueror in the history of Europe.

The brand of AW comes from Germany, covering various computer peripherals such as Computer Cases, Power Supply Units, Coolers and Multi-media Speakers etc. Our Research Center and Sales Headquarter is located in the capital Berlin, surrounding with global advanced industrial information and art atmosphere.

AW inherits the bloodline from Alexander the Great, putting his calmness as a King, his wisdom as a Philosophy and his preciseness as a Military Leader into its products. Its high recognization comes from the aspire of wild war machines, fights in battlefield and luxurious scenes. AW pursues conflict aesthetics, strength and gentle, classic and modern, and preciseness and creativity. It can always merge two elements totally in different.

MAKE DIFFERENT (Spirit slogan) AW advocate – beauty is not only stay in the surface. Fully control every production procedure and find out the breakthroughs from details, spreading out the gorgeous King brilliance from insideout. Only with the excellent technology and craft, it can perfectly control very details and work out a distinctive Master-piece in its true sense.